The shelf display problems of community supermarket shelves

Community supermarket is a small form of convenience store, which generally relies on the community and mainly serves the residents of surrounding communities. Due to the stable customer source and low risk, many people will consider layout in advance before moving in the new community to seize the first opportunity. However, with the fierce competitive environment, there will be competition from many community supermarkets around a mature community. Some exist for a long time, and some may withdraw from operation for a period of time. When lamenting the elimination of the market and the cruelty of competition, many operators actually do not really consider the problem of store operation. For example, the problem of supermarket shelf display, many people may say that the shelf display is not filled with goods, just wait for customers to come to the door? Let’s take a look at the common problems of shelf display in the operation of community supermarkets and see if you have them.

1. Community supermarkets have few goods and many shelves, so they can’t fill the shelves

When many community supermarkets are opened, it may be due to the problem of funds or suppliers, resulting in the opening and operation of goods before the shelves are full. For example, the commodities of a single product should ensure a 20cm display surface. However, due to the shortage of commodities, only one can be simply displayed, and the interior of the shelves is empty. When customers come to buy, they feel that the commodities are incomplete, Second, I feel that the store has no strength. Many people may not come again if they come once. The problem of empty shelves is that the shelves and commodity categories are not calculated well in the early selection, or the suppliers no longer supply goods due to turnover problems, resulting in empty shelves.

2. There are many kinds of goods, but I don’t know the shelf display skills

The common problem of community supermarkets is that they are not displayed according to the size of goods, resulting in excessive spacing between shelf layers and insufficient goods, especially the special commodity display of the first layer. In fact, supermarket operators can adjust the layout of shelves according to the type and quantity of commodities. If the quantity of commodities is indeed insufficient, they can dismantle the excess shelves, increase the promotion pile, and carry out seasonal and holiday publicity and promotion.

3. If the shelves are not cleaned for a long time, they are allowed to dust

Needless to say, it can only be said that after operating for a period of time, the shopkeepers are too lazy to clean. The store is like people. How can customers come to a store that they don’t care about? This is a problem that store operators should pay attention to.

From the perspective of store operation, the problem of shelf display is a problem existing in many stores. Improper shelf display can be learned and improved in the later stage, while the empty and dirty shelves should be paid attention to by the owner, which involves some external factors such as their own store operation and the handling of cooperative relations with suppliers. The operation of community convenience stores is simple and simple. It is difficult to do a good job in the relationship between old customers and attract new customers. Many times, we should pay more attention to details. It is possible that a new small store may shake the status of an old store if its operation and management are perfect.

Post time: Sep-30-2021