Environmental-friendly and durable steel filing cabinet —— narrow-sided two-color series steel filing cabinet

For current consumers, when purchasing steel filing cabinets, they are more inclined to high-quality products with beautiful appearance while paying attention to quality. Our factory is also constantly adapting to the needs of consumers in the market. On the basis of ensuring the quality, we have made some changes to the appearance of the steel filing cabinets, and strive to make the steel filing cabinets more in line with the aesthetic needs of consumers. Today we recommend one to you — narrow-sided two-color series steel filing cabinet.


The first thing that surprises people is its color. The bold use of white-gray and coffee color matching is a fashionable atmosphere. Compared with the traditional single-color steel filing cabinet, the two-color combination highlights the texture of the filing cabinet. A modern take on this two-tone steel filing cabinet is undoubtedly a bold use of style.


There are three kinds of cabinet doors, glass door, steel door and upper-glass lower-steel door. The glass is made of high-quality tempered glass, which is several times stronger than ordinary glass and belongs to safety glass. The permeability is good, and the contents of the steel filing cabinet can be seen intuitively. This also gives consumers more choices. In addition to placing documents, they can also place some artworks to add a cultural atmosphere.


In terms of workmanship, the cabinet is made of thickened steel plate and laser cutting technology to ensure the bearing capacity of the steel file cabinet. At the same time, the unique thin edge technology and ultra-thin frame make it easier to match the entire office environment. No matter what the office environment is, this simple style can be easily dealt with without violating harmony.

Sometimes some offices may have uneven floors. At this time, the cabinet will be unstable and can easily tip or tip over. For the uneven ground of the office environment, we will match more humanized adjustment feet, which can easily adjust the height and make the cabinet more stable.


In addition, the appearance of the new metal-plastic powder coating is more durable, ensuring that the surface color of the filing cabinet is durable and does not fade.

Create fashion with color and create a new office experience with fashion. With its unique style, steel filing cabinets create a luxurious and stylish feel, both for storing archives and for adorning the office environment. Let the daily office get rid of the original boring and make the work more interesting.

Post time: Mar-30-2022